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Nashville Scene features PheWAS

The Nashville Scene recently did an article about Innovators in middle Tennessee.  They featured PheWAS as one of 11 "groundbreaking" innovations.  See section "Model Behavior" in the Nashville Scene article. 

MEDI--an Ensemble MEDication Indication Resource

MEDI (MEDication Indication) is an ensemble medication indication resource for primary and secondary uses of electronic medical record (EMR) data.  MEDI was created based on multiple commonly used medication resources (RxNorm, MedlinePlus, SIDER 2, and Wikipedia ) and by leveraging both ontology and natural language processing (NLP) techniques.   

PheWAS - phenome-wide association studies

Methods to identify gene-disease associations primarily rely on clinical trials or observational cohorts and, more recently, Electronic Medical Record-linked DNA Biobanks.  At Vanderbilt, we have used an EMR-linked DNA biobank called BioVU to derive case and controls populations using data within the EMR to define clinical phenotypes.  Genetic data for these EMR-linked association studies are redeposited into BioVU for future EMR-linked studies.  This has opened the possibility of "reverse GWAS" or "Phenome-wide association studies" (PheWAS).&n

Nature Biotech article on PheWAS

Nature Biotech featured PheWAS paper as one of the top computational biology innovations in 2010.http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v29/n1/full/nbt0111-46.html