PheWAS Core Services


Our core mission is to help researchers who want to use the electronic health record data (EHR) to address their research questions. We provide services that leverage structured and semi-structured data that has been organized for high throughput analyses. The data elements we rely on include claims data (ICD and CPT codes), lab results, pathology reports, and other structured and semi-structured data elements of the EHR.

We have a lot of experience in creating data sources to be used in tandem with genetic data, and we can provide guidance to researchers on methods like PheWAS, LabWAS, and phenotype risk scores (PheRS). Although most of the requests we field pertain to questions about genetics, we can help identify and explore analysis options for any particular research question that has relevant data readily available.



Core Leadership 

Center Director: Josh Peterson

Scientific Director: Lisa Bastarache

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Contact Information

For general questions or specific questions on a service request, please contact PheWAS Core.