Precision Phenotyping Core


The mission of precision phenotyping core is to enable better research through better phenotyping. We offer state-of-the-art informatics services to address the growing needs of the scientific community for Electronic Health Record (EHR) based phenotyping. We assist researchers who seek to advance the basic informatics methods, and to apply advanced methods to "understand" unstructured, and sometimes inaccurate, biomedical text and EHR data. We provide services for clinical phenotype extraction, EHR-algorithm development, natural language processing methods, terminology/ontology reinforcement, machine learning, and integration of disparate data sources (such as coded and free text sources). Our vision of extracting research-quality phenotypes from EHR to accelerate discovery can be found here.

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Core Leadership 

Center Director: Josh Peterson

Scientific Director: Wei-Qi Wei

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Contact Information

For general questions or specific questions on a service request, please contact Henry Ong.