Nurses Week Celebrations

Nurses Week Recipients from Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

Rosamond Gabrielson Staff Nurse of the Year for Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

Rosamond Gabrielson came to Vanderbilt University Medical Center as the director of Nursing after completing her tenure as president of the American Nurses Association, a position she held from 1972 to 1976. Her advocacy of the bedside nurse’s role did not start at Vanderbilt. One study she had conducted examined the role nurses had with physicians. “Gabe,” as she was known, studied nurses’ actions with regard to verbal orders for medications and found that 21 out of 22 nurses followed physicians’ orders to give a medication that didn’t exist. Nurses were blindly following orders without question. She urged nurses to instead strive for collaborative practice.  She brought this vision and passion for nursing practice and staff nurses to Vanderbilt. She had
weekly meetings with associate directors and was always asking, “What do the staff nurses think?” She was constantly pushing the associate directors to think broadly. She wasn’t afraid of visionaries or people wanting to try new ideas.

The Staff Nurse of the Year award recognizes a nurse from each entity — Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital, Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital, and Vanderbilt Clinics — who embrace Rosamond Gabrielson’s vision of nursing practice. This award honors a staff nurse who through his/her practice of direct patient care elevates the profession of nursing.

Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Staff Nurse of the Year Recipients:

Kelsie Bottiggi, MSN, RN

- Stevie Crossland, BSN, RN, Radiology Recovery 

- Tamera Hawkins, RN, LCCE, RN2, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nursing Professional Development
- Brandi Meacham, MSN, RN, CPN


Our PICU physicians and nurses share a uniquely close working relationship.  For over ten years, the attending physicians have provided breakfast for nurses on the last day of Nurse's Week as a way to say thank you.  It’s a favorite tradition that PICU nurses look forward to all year long. Dr. Katie Boyle, an Attending Physician in the PICU said "Our nurses show up every day ready to care for any patient who comes their way.  They provide outstanding care to patients and I feel so fortunate to work with them.  Our annual breakfast for Nurse's Week is a chance to say thank you to this amazing group of caregivers." 

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