All new clinical staff with direct patient care attend Clinical Orientation after attending Medical Center Orientation.
Please utilize the links below to access the clinical orientation webpages.
Children’s Hospital Orientation
Children's Hospital Outpatient Care (CHOC) 
2022 Children’s Hospital Orientation Calendar
2023 Children's Hospital Orientation Calendar


  • Many of our orientation classes are virtual, via Zoom. When using Zoom, you will need to join with both audio and video. Zoom links for classes can be found below. Before joining a virtual class, please review the instructions below. Please note: you may be removed from class if you are unable to meet the items listed below. 

    • Audio & Video
      • Audio and video is required for Zoom classes.
      • Audio should be muted as soon as you enter the course. Remain on mute unless you are participating via verbal response.
      • Please ensure that you are in view of your camera.
      • Dress comfortably and professionally (business casual or scrubs). 
      • Ensure that you are in an appropriate location to guarantee internet connection, take notes, and participate - sitting / lying in bed or sitting in a car would not be appropriate locations.
      • For safety reasons, if you are driving during class, you will immediately be removed.
    • Participation
      • We expect everyone in attendance to participate.
      • Participation can occur by unmuting yourself to make a comment or sending a message in the chat box.
      • Your instructor may also send messages during the course to ask specific questions to ensure understanding / competence.
    • Additional Guidance
      • Limit outside distractions (i.e., TV should be off, etc. while in class).
      • No screen shots or pictures should be taken without the permission of all class participants. 
      • Messages written in the chat may be saved. Be mindful of what you write and share.
      • Please limit use of phone and other devices while in class.

    Please follow the schedule provided to you by your unit-based educator. Not every staff member will need to attend every class listed below.

    eStar Documentation Class: Link will be sent your VUMC email 24-48 hours prior to class. If you are not able to take this class virtually, the eStar training center may be available for you to reserve a seat (10 days in advance). Seat reservation: 3401 West End Ave Ste 195