Rei Ukita, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Cardiac Surgery


Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) 2014-2018
PhD, Biomedical Engineering

Brown University (Providence, RI) 2010–2014
Sc.B., Biomedical Engineering


Large pre-clinical models for progressive right ventricular loading and unloading via pulmonary artery banding

  • Biomechanics of right ventricular adaptation and failure
  • Molecular, transcriptomic characterization of right ventricular adaptation and failure
  • Right ventricular reverse remodeling and recovery after unloading

Development of next-generation mechanical support technology

  • Wearable technology for cardiopulmonary support, especially for right heart failure
  • Characterization of mechanical blood pump performance and biocompatibility

Surface-focused anticoagulation approaches in blood-contacting technology

  • Ultralow-fouling zwitterionic surface coatings on artificial lung circuit surfaces
  • Factor XII inhibition as a surface-specific mode of anticoagulation during extracorporeal support

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