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ACLS Course Approval Requests

ACLS Course Directors wishing to teach courses outside of the Resuscitation Program must submit a course approval request for each course no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course.

You will receive an email from the Resuscitation Program Coordinator confirming or denying the request within 3 business days of submission.  Submission of an approval request does not automatically guarantee course approval.

With the introduction of eCards, please read the new paperwork procedure/requirements below: 

You are required to email the Excel template (click here) filled out with the course date, students' first and last names, and email addresses.

  • For Vanderbilt employees/students, please use their Vanderbilt email addresses.
  • If you have multiple of the same type of class in one day, you can include them all on the same spreadsheet.
  • You are allowed to email to Excel file and all of your scanned paperwork to Sarah ( so we can issue eCards faster.
    • If you email your scanned paperwork, you are not requird to turn in the hard copies, but be sure to dispose of them securely.