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Price List - Call or Email for Quote Specific to Your Study


External Academic

Add 10%


Add 70%

Subject Recruitment


24-Hour Diet Recall


Partial Recall

$37.50/partial recall

Nutrient Analysis


Diet / Recipe / Menu Development


Food Frequency Questionnaires


Nutrition Assessment


Nutrition Intervention


Research Consultation


Simple Diet Instruction


Perceived Appetite / Hunger VAS

Food Diary / Diet Record / Diet History

Weighed Dietary Intakes









DXA Simple


DXA Complex


CT Image Analysis: Skeletal Muscle and Adipose (VAT & SAT)


Treadmill VO2 Max


Bike VO2 Max


Metabolic Cart


Resistance Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

PLEASE NOTE: Quotes are provided for budgeting purposes. Fees are charged based on actual amount at time of work performed. Late cancellation fees occur for cancelling within 24 hours.