Metabolic Kitchen Core

The Metabolic Kitchen Core provides study specific, protocol specific, or subject specific menus and meals to all investigators. Metabolic Kitchen services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the investigators, the subjects, and the research aims of your study/project.

Services provided by the Core include menu development, energy analysis, nutrient analysis, diet/nutrient index analysis, diet/meal/menu instruction, and research consulting for study design, methods, interventions, measures, outcomes, and analysis. Additionally, the Core offers training services.

Meal types provided by the Metabolic Kitchen Core cater to the requirements of each study. These study-specific meal types include post-clamp/CHO-controlled, calorie or nutrient-controlled, weighed out/in, mark back, ad lib/buffet, carry out/take home, standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and boxed meals.

Investigators pay a "fee-for-service" that covers all costs related to the meals or services chosen. Metabolic Kitchen meals are available any time of day or night.