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  VUMC External Academic
Add 10%
Add 70%
Subject Recruitment $53/hr    
24-Hour Diet Recall $97/recall    
Partial Recall $48.50/partial recall    
Nutrient Analysis $205/hr    
Diet / Recipe / Menu Development $239/hr    
Food Frequency Questionnaires $97/FFQ    
Nutrition Assessment $324/hr    
Nutrition Intervention $324/hr    
Research Consultation $374/hr    
Diet Instruction $212/hr    
Perceived Appetite / Hunger VAS      
Food Diary / Diet Record / Diet History      
Weighed Dietary Intakes      
Anthropometrics $66    
Skinfolds $80    
BIA $139/session    
BodPod $139/session    
Physical Activity Monitoring $172/session    
CT Image Analysis: Skeletal Muscle and Adipose (VAT & SAT) $159/hr    
Treadmill VO2 Max $304/hr    
Bike VO2 Max $304/hr    
Metabolic Cart $261/hr    
Resistance Exercise      
Aerobic Exercise      
PLEASE NOTE: Quotes are provided for budgeting purposes. Fees are charged based on actual amount at time of work performed. Late cancellation fees occur for cancelling within 24 hours.