Our Core in the News

VUMC joins cutting-edge obesity research network

VUMC to be site for national malnutrition study

Glucose control study gives patients new path to health

New core to aid research related to nutrition and diet

Gene's impact on 'good' cholesterol could affect heart disease risk

Study: Balanced high-fat diet improves body composition, inflammation

Spotlight: Heidi J. Silver, Ph.D., R.D.

Effectiveness of Grapefruit Diet Studied at Vanderbilt Medical Center

Study to weigh in on grapefruit diet

Study to chew the fat on popular diet

Recruitment Registry

The Core now has a recruitment registry of >2800 adults (most with BMI > 25) who are interested in participating in clinical trials and interventions.

New Imaging Software

The Core now has a special automated software (not commercially available) that allows us to take your CT images and analyze the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue (visceral and subcutaneous) volume. These analyses have strong correlations (>0.90) with whole body measurement of skeletal muscle, VAT and SAT. We can retrieve the image and analyze for you at a total cost of $20 per image.


1st Place, Scientific Posters, American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - awarded to Abbie Hudson, Research Dietitian, and Dr. Heidi Silver - who presented a research poster, titled "High Body Mass Index Does Not Protect Long Term Care Residents From Dehydration" at the Annual Meeting (FNCE 2015) of > 10,000 Nutrition and Dietetics Professionals, held at the Nashville Convention Center.