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Immunological Mechanisms of Disease T32 Training Program

The IMDTP is co-lead by Drs Jeff Rathmell and Amy Major and aims to provide training for pre- and post-doc fellows in basic immunology and human disease.  Each trainee has a basic science and a clinical mentor relevant to their research area to allow the development of an integrated view of human immunology and the immune system in disease.  Each year the IMDTP supports three pre-doc trainees via an NIH T32 from the NIAID and an additional pre-doc trainee supported from the VI4.  The IMDTP also supports two post-doctoral trainees.


VCI Sponsored Equipment

10X Chromium

The VCI helped purchase a 10X Chromium Single Cell RNAseq device that is placed in the VANTAGE Core and available for all.

Helios CyTOF

The VCI contributed to a CyTOF upgrade that allowed the purchase of a Helios CyTOF that is placed in the Cancer and Immunology Core and available for all.

The VCI has also provided support to establish antibody panels for basic research and immune phenotyping using the CyTOF.

Contact the VCI



Program Manager

Summer Brown, MA

MCN A3208

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1161 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 30232


Phone: 615-875-4978


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