The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) aims to provide resources for forward genetic CRISPR library screening and primary healthy donor human peripheral blood cells to the Vanderbilt community. The scientific director of the FGC is Dr. Jeffrey Rathmell, an expert in T cell biology and the use of in vivo genetic screens to identify regulators of T cell function in disease (Immunity, 2022, 55:65). Because each investigator or group brings a different level of expertise and resource, the FGC customizes each project to the needs of those investigators with an initial consultation. To support use of pooled CRISPR screening approaches, the FGC provides services to generate and maintain custom gRNA libraries in a variety of vector platforms that can be used to transduce primary cells or cell lines for in vivo or in vitro use. DNA extraction and analyses of screening results are also available. As custom libraries are generated, many are included in a growing catalog of libraries that are available for immediate use by FGC clients and include libraries of gRNA targeting cell death, immune checkpoint blockade, inborn errors of immunity or metabolism, and various metabolic pathways. A second service area for the FGC is to provide healthy donor peripheral blood. Liquid nitrogen preserved samples from leukapheresis are immediately available and fresh draws can be arranged.

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