The Functional Genomics Core (FGC) is established under the leadership of Vanderbilt Center for Immunobiology (VCI). By providing services using pooled CRISPR screening technology, FGC is expected to connect specific genes with disease in mouse models and human patient samples, eventually to facilitate the identification of therapeutic targets. 


iLab Link to request services: https://vumc.corefacilities.org/service_center/4767?tab=about




An unbiased in vivo CRISPR screening in primary murine T cells identified MTHFD2 as a hit that was also upregulated consistently in individuals with inflammatory disorders. Notably, MTHFD2 deficiency impaired Teff cell proliferation and function [1].





In vitro and in vivo CRISPR screens used to assay functional drivers of inborn errors of immunity and metabolism identified multiple metabolic mechanisms responsible for defects [2].


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