Process for Accessing Radiology Films for Workers' Compensation Cases

There are 3 ways to access films at Vanderbilt. The easiest and most time efficient for you is as follows:

  1. Request diagnostic studies via fax with a signed patient release OR by utilizing the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form
  2. Complete the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form except for the actual signature of the patient/legal representative.
  3. Fax the form to the following fax number: (615) 343-6373. Your cover sheet should contain the following information:
    1. Patient Name
    2. Medical Record number (if known)
    3. Social Security Number
    4. Date study was completed and type of study (IE: MRI of the skull from 6/13/03)
    5. Date and time that you will pick up the studies.
    6. Name of person who will pick up the films
  4. CD's will be processed by the radiology department and be available at the Adult Film Room window, TVC, 1st floor, Room 1631 on the date/time you requested.
  5. Upon arrival at the Film Room, you will be asked for the following:
    1. Picture ID (A valid drivers license will be accepted)
    2. Business Card
  6. The Radiology staff will ask you to sign the Authorization for Release of Medical Information in their presence, verify your Tennessee Department of Labor Case Manager number, and the requested films will be released to you. You will be responsible for returning the films to Vanderbilt Radiology.

NOTE: You may also contact the Adult Film Room by phone and request that they have the needed studies ready for you or just drop by. You will still need to complete the Authorization for Release of Medical Information form OR present a medical release form signed by the patient and provide proper identification. The Adult Film Room number is (615) 322-0866. If you drop by, please be aware that copies of films may need to be made and the process could lengthen your wait time.

NOTE: Case managers from surrounding states will not have a Tennessee Department of Labor Case Management number. They should follow the same guidelines written above. Radiology staff is aware of this and will not require the verification of a Department of Labor number.