Inpatient/Outpatient Access for Case Managers

Vanderbilt University Medical Center/Clinic Visitation Process

Case Manager Registration Process

In order to provide safety for our patients and our staff, Vanderbilt University Medical Center requires that workers' compensation case managers be registered with Corporate Health Services. 

In order to register, complete the Registration and Confidentiality Forms and email them to Tammie Mathis at She will contact you to schedule a convenient time to complete your photo registration. The photo ID badge should be worn at all times when in our hospitals and clinics as this will identify you as an onsite/field case manager. Corporate Health will also provide a tutorial on how to register with us on the day of or the day before an on-site visit. This entire process should take no longer than 10-15 minutes of time.  Registration information will need to be updated and badges renewed every two (2) years.


Contact us at on the date of the appointment so that our staff can document disclosure of your attendance during your visit. 

Phone: 615-936-6074, Email: or Fax: 615-936-6077 

Be ready to provide: Patients' name, DOB, Date of Appointment and Physician the patient is seeing.

See Onsite Case Manager Visitation Process

Please provide feedback or contact Tammie Mathis 615-936-2098 if you have questions about this process.