Our Team

Meet our team! 

We will be happy to work with you in any way we can to assist you with your injured worker.


Terry (Parker) Horn, RN, CCM Director, terry.horn@vumc.org

Faith Parrish, RN, CCM, Assistant Director, faith.parrish@vumc.org

Fran Sweatt, Administrative Manager, fran.sweatt@vumc.org

Tammie Mathis, Business Process Manager, tammie.mathis@vumc.org

Jean Coppin, Sr. Administrative Assistant, jean.m.coppin@vumc.org

Delores Shaw, Senior Workers' Compensation Specialist, delores.shaw@vumc.org

Bill Mathis, Worker's Compensation Specialist, bill.f.mathis@vumc.org

Janean Horton, Workers' Compensation Specialist, janean.d.horton@vumc.org

Judy Caldwell, Workers' Compensation Specialist, judy.caldwell@vumc.org

Tapeka Primm, Senior Workers' Compensation Specialist, tapeka.primm@vumc.org

Wana Davis, Workers' Compensation Specialist, wana.davis@vumc.org

Martia Harris, Workers' Compensation Specialist, martia.harris@vumc.org

Ervina Young, Workers' Compensation Specialist, ervina.a.young@vumc.org


Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital 615-804-3843

Jim Mills, Director, Hospital Administration for Bedford, Coffee and Wilson counties, james.e.mills@vumc.org