The Vanderbilt Center for Bone Biology (VCBB) was created to investigate diseases of bone and mineral metabolism. Investigators associated with the VCBB study the mechanisms regulating bone remodeling and repair, cancer-induced bone disease, osteomyelitis, fracture repair, and embryonic bone development. Our goals are to unravel novel biological mechanisms and to develop new treatments and diagnostic tools that can improve the quality of life for patients with bone destruction due to disease or trauma. Access to multiple state-of-the-art instruments and cores at VUMC and Vanderbilt University allows us to perform molecular, cellular and biochemical studies, and to precisely quantify changes in bone volume, architecture, biomechanical properties and histology upon gene alterations, growth, aging, disease, trauma, or pharmacologic treatments. Students from multiple departments, including Medicine, Cancer Biology, Pharmacology, and Engineering are actively involved in this research activity. The active VCBB research program is detailed in the tabs above. Feel free to contact the project leaders or associated students/post-docs if you have questions about projects and if you have interests in joining our group.

Scott A. Guelcher, Director