About Us

The mission of the Vanderbilt Center for Musculoskeletal Research is to develop, implement, and disseminate innovative research initiatives in order to change clinical practice and improve the quality of life of individuals with musculoskeletal conditions. The Center leverages the existing basic, translational, and clinical expertise at Vanderbilt, supports the recruitment of additional musculoskeletal faculty, and provides a home for robust collaboration across Vanderbilt’s Departments and Institutes.


The goals of the Vanderbilt Center for Musculoskeletal Research are the following:

1. Support scientific investigation and clinical dissemination of musculoskeletal research

2. Support the publication and presentation of musculoskeletal research

3. Provide the infrastructure for extramural funding in the area of musculoskeletal research

4. Support the training of faculty, fellows, and students in musculoskeletal research

5. Collaborate with operational and educational entities at Vanderbilt that are engaged in musculoskeletal efforts


Faculty of the Vanderbilt Center for Musculoskeletal Research employ a variety of methods including prospective cohort studies, traditional randomized controlled trials, pragmatic trials and clinical registries to address important scientific questions.


Information on the Center's spine registry can be found on our Spine Care Quality and Outcomes Lab website: https://www.vumc.org/ssqol


Currently, core and affiliate faculty and staff are involved in projects within the following areas:

  • Chronic Pain  
  • Spine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma