VBH DAISY Recipients


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“I arrived at Vandy Psych lost and scared. I felt insane and alone. All alone. I have had multiple stays in psych facilities, but this was a new caliber. I’ve met a great deal of doctors and nurses but the nurse I would like to spotlight is Ashley. I did not feel like a job that needed doing or a patient needing care, but a friend that needed help. I didn’t talk much, but when I did, she listened. She was quick to provide the care and help I needed. She never seems annoyed or too busy.”

Past VPH DAISY Award Recipients

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Winter 2023
• Marianne Broyles, RN, Adult 4, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Fall 2021
• Jamie Runions, RN, Adult CSL, Team D

Spring 2021

Winter 2021
• Claudia Davis, MSN, RN. Unit: Adult 3, Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Fall 2020

Summer 2020

Spring 2020

Winter 2019
• Kayla Felker, RN, Adult 1

Fall 2019

Summer 2019
• Emily Burton, BSN, RN, Adult 2

Spring 2019

Winter 2018 (Inaugural Recipients)
• Mallory Johnson, BSN, RN, Adult 2 Unit