Shared Governance at VPH

Nurse Leadership Board
•    Composed of senior nursing leaders, clinical staff leaders, and representative leaders from each of the boards and councils
•    Executive leader is the CNO
•    Recommends resource allocations to ensure nursing strategic goals are successful
•    Ensures that non-clinical operational practices are reviewed and consistent
•    Facilitates the implementation and monitoring of strategic initiatives
•    Responsible for leadership development
•    Ensures that nursing complies with all regulatory rules and professional standards
•    Governs nursing practice

Nurse Practice and Quality Board
•    Composed of RN representation from each unit and department
•    Executive sponsor is Senior Quality & Patient Advisor
•    Membership includes 2 Behavioral Health Specialist that represent the system
•    Ensures that nursing practices are evidence-based
•    Decides with the CNO on quality & practice metrics for VBH
•    Ensure standardization of practice that spans programs
•    Ensure that policies that impact nursing are reviewed and approved

Unit or Department Boards
•    Membership is all nursing staff in the unit or department
•    Executive sponsor is the Manager Patient Care services or Director of the unit or department
•    Ensure best practices are implemented at the unit level
•    Make decisions for nursing practice on the unit

Nursing Staff Council
•    Composed of representatives of each board and nursing leadership
•    All staff can attend and participate
•    Information sharing between unit boards and nursing staff