Vanderbilt’s commitment to Surgical Research

The Departments of Thoracic Surgery have multidisciplinary teams of surgeons, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, nurses, post-doctoral fellows, and residents who perform cutting edge research in epidemiologic and clinical studies of thoracic malignancies, and explore critical issues in end stage lung disease.

The Pierre Massion Lecture was established to honor cancer research for cardiac and thoracic patients

Massion lecture


Research Interests:

  • Early Stage Lung Cancer
  • Cancer Detection
  • Cancer Prevention
  • ECMO
  • End-stage Lung Disease
  • Immunotherapy
  • Laboratory for Organ Regeneration, Recovery, and Replacement (LOR3)
  • Targeted Molecular Therapy
  • Thoracic Surgery Faculty Publications

Caitlin Demarest, MD, PhD

Erin Alexis Gillaspie, MD, MPH

Eric L. Grogan, MD, MPH

Eric S. Lambright, MD

Jonathan C. Nesbitt, MD

Stephen Deppen, PhD, MA, MS


The TREAT Lung Cancer Program provides core support to students, residents and fellows to maximize productivity during the clinical rotations.


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TREAT Lung Cancer Program.