Your Cinical Experience

The LCME has required that Vanderbilt School School of Medicine implement a mechanism for tracking our students' clinical experience. in compliance with this request we have designed a form for each medical student to complete which indicates the amount/types of patient problems & operations they see during their surgical rotation.

You will be issued a pocket booklet at orientation that contains 3 sections which must be completed and returned to the Surgery Education Office. They are as follows:

1) "Basic Procedure List". It is expected that you would be able to attain basic proficiency in the procedures listed in the first group. The second groups of procedures are more advanced; however, we strongly encourage you to observe these procedures, assisting when opportunity is presented. Note: There is no requirement as yet for proficiency in these procedures. This is included as a guide to direct your own education.

2) "General Surgery Operative Exposure List". The student should make every attempt to achieve a 100% fill rate for this list. However, we realistically expect you to see 85% of these patient types/cases. It is also necessary to document that the student sees a minimum of 20 inpatients and 20 outpatients. Using the space provided on the form make tick marks for the numbers you see during your surgery rotation.

3) "Outpatient Clinic Contact List." The student will document in the booklet all patients seen in the outpatient clinic and have their clinic sheet signed by the attending faculty.

Please keep in mind that the "Patient Contact" tracking is now an LCME requirement and will be documented by the Surgery Education Office in your file. Thank you for your cooperation.