Case Presentations

Throughout the lecture schedule there are sessions devoted to case presentations. Students will present as a team with their general surgery block colleagues. Cases should be ones in which a student was involved at the initial evaluation of the patient (i.e., ED or floor consults). Basic general surgical problems are most desirable. Discussion will be carried out by the entire class. The goal of these sessions is to share your clinical exposure and review the thought process of evaluating different problems. This should broaden each student's experience.

The presenting team is responsible for providing the details of the case (H+P, lab and imaging studies, operative details, post-operative course, etc). Many groups use PowerPoint to show this information – please be aware that we will stop frequently to ask the group for input, so use separate slides for HPI, PMH, meds, etc. Most of the time will be spent by the group thinking through the clinical decision-making of the case. Some time (typically 10 minutes) at the end of the session can be used by the presenting team to provide a brief overview of the disease process (much of which may be covered in the discussion). Teams are encouraged to present an article related to the case – ask your chief residents for advice as to potential controversies or novel therapies related to your case that would be appropriate to search in the recent literature. Both your PowerPoint presentations and article citations can be posted on KM if you obtain images/charts through the Eskind Digital Library (check out Images MD under the Databases tab and the Sabiston electronic text; actual patient films can be included if de-identified).

Teams and the date of their presentation will be assigned by the clerkship director and each team will present once and shall determine their own order of presentation.