Proper Labeling of Extra Vacutainers of Blood, 24H Urine, ABGs, CSF, POCT, Anatomical and Multisite Specimens

24 Hour Urine Specimen

  • Label with a Generic ADT label until the collection is complete
  • Once collection is complete, enter the collection information in eStar
  • Print the Lab Ready Label
  • Overlay the Lab Ready Label on the Generic ADT Label so that the patient's name on the Generic ADT Label is still visible and place in a specimen transport bag and transport to the lab

ABGs to be Processed on the Unit by Respiratory Therapy

  • Label the ABG syringe with a Lab Ready Label

Anatomical Specimen

  • Used for biopsy, pathology blood, urine, stool, sputum, etc.
  • Label with a Generic ADT Label
  • eStar will prompt for collection information
  • A paper E-requisition will print that will accompany the specimen to the lab

CSF Specimens

  • Label each tube with a Lab Ready Label
  • If there are extra labels, place the extra labels in the specimen bag to be sent with the specimen
  • If there are more tubes than labels, use Generic ADT Labels to label the extra tubes

Extra Vacutainers of Blood

  • Label the extra vacutainers with Generic ADT Labels
  • Send the specimens to the lab to be held for add-on requests
  • When the add-on orders are entered for specimens already being held in the lab, the labels will automatically print in the lab

Multisite Labeling

  • Used for micro cultures, blood cultures and body fluids
  • Match the barcode number on the eStar screen to the barcode number on the label for each site

Multisite labeling 

Point of Care Testing (POCT)

  • If the POCT specimen is taken out of the room/area to be processed it must be labeled
  • Label the specimen with a Generic ADT Label