Lab Ready Labels

lab ready label

Use of Lab Ready Labels

Lab ready labels are used for clinical pathology (CBC, UA, BMP, ABG, etc).


  • Lab ready labels can only be printed ONCE as they are generated from Cerner using eStar Print Label
  • Print the Lab Ready Label just prior to use- not more than 4 hours before collection time (Keep in mind AM batch lab requisitions will NO LONGER print)
  • The clinician collecting the specimen from the patient initiates the label print
  • Use the default printer or designate an alternate label printer

VUMC ID and Collection Information Not Required

  • Do not write on the Lab Ready Label
  • The collector's VUMC ID and collection information is captured through the scanning process and eliminates the need to write on the label

Damaged or Lost Lab Ready Labels

  • Lab Ready Labels can only be printed once
  • In the event the Lab Ready Label is lost or damaged the specimen will need to be labeled with a Generic ADT Label and sent to the lab with an E-requisition
  • DO NOT SIGN YOUR VUMC ID on the Lab Ready Label 
  • Writing on the Lab Ready Label can cause "damage" as it may prevent the label from being electronically read within the lab

Multiple Lab Ready Labels Indicate the same Color Vacutainer

  • Each individual Lab Ready Label that prints requires a specimen
  • Lab orders are entered via eStar and then processed by Cerner
  • Cerner will process all lab orders via a process called "netting" which determines exactly how many vacutainers are needed to complete the indicated order
  • Cerner will then produce the correct number of labels that are available for print
  • There may be up to a 90 second delay from the time of order entry completion to availability of labels to print due to the netting process


Three Lab Ready Labels are available to print or have been printed all indicating a lavender vacutainer. 


How many lavender vacutainers are needed to complete this specimen collection?

label and vacutainers


Difficult Lab Draws

Difficult lab draws due allow for an exception. If three lavender vacutainers are required for the specimen but due to the difficulty in obtaining the specimen only one vacutainer could be filled, please do the following:

  1. Properly label one specimen.
  2. Place the extra labels in the bag with the labeled specimen and send the labeled specimen and the extra labels to the lab.

biohazard bag and lab samples