Generic ADT Labels

ADT label

Use of Generic ADT Labels

Generic ADT Labels are used for:

  • Anatomic pathology
  • Lost Lab Ready Labels
  • Damaged Lab Ready Labels
  • Point of Care Testing when the specimen is taken out of the room/area to be run
  • Downtime
  • Patient belongings


  • Generic ADT Labels can be printed more than once as these labels originate from eStar

VUMC ID and Collection Information

When eStar is operational:

  • Do not write on the Generic ADT Label
  • The collector's VUMC ID and collection information is captured through the scanning process and eliminates the need to write on the label

When eStar is in downtime:

  • Generic ADT Labels are used during downtime to label specimens, downtime forms, etc.
  • Only during downtime will the individual who collected the specimen write their VUMC ID, date and time of the collection on the label
  • Please see the Downtime Labels section on this website for further information

E-Requisition is Required with a Generic ADT Label

  • An E-requisition must accompany all specimens labeled with a Generic ADT Label to the lab
  • Once the "Complete Order" is selected in eStar, the E-requisition is automatically printed
  • No additional written information is required on the printed E-requisition

ADT Label example