Tiered Response

One Call Does it All 1-1111

At Vanderbilt an innovative system has been put in place to respond to Emergencies on the grounds of the Medical Center.  By calling the emergency number 1-1111, callers can request aid for staff members, visitors, and patients experiencing medical emergencies. The system is called Tiered Response.

None of this would be possible without our friends at LifeFlight Communications. Professional Emergency Medical Dispatchers are behind the complex decision-making that enable the right help being sent to the right emergency situation.

Click Here for a view of the Emergency Response Map.

Tier 1 - ED Paramedic Response

For non-inpatients who experience acute emergencies in clinical or non-clinical areas, a paramedic from the Adult Emergency Department responds to assess the situation and in most cases transport the "now patient" to the ED for care. The paramedic is equipped with an AED, oxygen, a spine board, and other medical supplies to provide initial stabilizing care for the patient. The paramedic is under the supervision of the Emergency Department physician and is in constant contact for any needs beyond the established protocols.

Tier 2 - Rapid Response Team

For patients in non-ICU inpatient areas experiencing signs and symptoms of a deteriorating condition, the Rapid Response Team is activated. Click here to learn more.

Tier 3 - Stat Team

For patients, visitors, and staff experiencing a life-threatening emergency the STAT team is activated. This team consists of

  • Medical ICU Resident
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Anesthesia Resident
  • Rapid Response Team Nurse (in areas covered by the RRT)
  • ED Paramedic & ED Resident (in non-clinical areas or for non-patients)