Adult Performance Management & Improvement

Adult Performance Management & Improvement Team has the following Mission, Vision and Objectives.


The mission of Vanderbilt Adult Performance Management and Improvement (APM&I) is to support the highest quality and safety of care for every patient, every time by delivering and sustaining high reliability healthcare.


Creating a system where patients and those who care for them are free from harm.



To work in conjunction with the VUMC Office of Quality, Safety and Risk Prevention (QSRP) to define and achieve goals related to patient safety and quality.

To support the advancement of a culture focused on providing the right care, at the right time for the right patient, every time.

To maintain transparent relationships with our stakeholders from front line staff to executive leadership. 

Promotion and Education

To promote the fundamental principles of implementation science as when they are applied when assessing and monitoring improvement.

To foster VUMC knowledge sharing to extend best practice use, reduce variability, and facilitate improvements in outcomes.

To promote a culture of continuous improvement that leads to sustained results and optimal performance using change management principles.


To proactively identify and mitigate opportunities for performance improvement using a standard method for identification, notification, and problem solving.  

To oversee, facilitate, and/or support quality and safety initiatives occurring within the hospitals, clinics, patient care centers (PCCs), and ancillary, diagnostic, therapeutic, and support functions.

To facilitate organization of work that spans across the PCCs to ensure improvement using appropriate methodologies.


To review patient safety issues and adverse events and work towards resolutions.

To access and use information resources to demonstrate current practice and identify opportunities for improvement through analyzing and interpreting trends.

To monitor and improve metrics related to internal and external surveys and regulations.

Adult Performance Management & Improvement Team Members:

  • Dr. Neesha Choma, MD, MPH, FACP - Executive Medical Director of Quality & Patient Safety, Adult Enterprise
  • Sonya Moore, MSN, RN, CPPS - Senior Director, APM&I
  • Laura Culwell, MSN, RN - Manager, APM&I
  • Lindsey Netzel, MSN, RN, CCRN - Nursing Quality Manager
  • Kate Faught, BS - Program Manager
  • Randy Cox, MPH, LSS, CPPS - Sr. Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
    • Adult Emergency: A-Pod, B-Pod
    • Medicine PCC: C-Pod, TCU
  • Laurie DeSantis, CNM, CPPS - Sr. Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
    • Women's Health PCC: Maternal Special Care, Labor & Delivery, and Mother Baby Obstetrics
  • Chris Eastburn, MS, RN - Sr. Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
    • Cancer: 11N Oncology, 10T3 Myelosuppression 
    • Neuro: 6N/Neuro, 6S Spine, 6T3/Neuro ICU
  • Kimberly Gerant, RN, BSN - Sr. Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
    • Medicine: 8T3/MICU, 8MCE, 8N, 7S Obs
    • Angela Balding, BSN, RN, CNOR - Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
      • Perioperative Services: HR/PACU, Main OR's, MCE OR's, 4S GYN Surgery, Central Sterile Processing, Rounding in FEL, VBJ, Belle Meade
    • Lee Blair, MSN, RN, CEN, EMT-P IC - Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
      • LifeFlight: LifeFlight Ground, Air Communication
    • Katie Scott, BSN, RN, CEN - Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
      • Surgery: 10N, 10S, 7t3, 11S
    • Lindsey Jett, CPhT, MALT, CPPS - Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
      • Medicine: 3RW, 4RW, 5RW, 6RW, 7RW
    • Brittany Smith, BSN, RN, PCCN - Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
      • VHVI: 5N/CVICU, 5S, 7MCE, 7N, 8S, Cath Lab/COBS
    • Stacie Knight Evans, RN, BSN - Quality & Patient Safety Advisor
      • Surgery: 6MCE, SICU, 9N, 9S