A Proposed Staging System for Improved Prognostication of MDM2-amplified Liposarcoma.


Despite the release of anatomic site-specific staging systems for soft tissue sarcomas in the eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Cancer Staging Manual, the algorithms for sarcomas arising in the extremities/trunk and retroperitoneum differ only in the staging of lymph node metastasis. The retroperitoneum not only provides a larger potential space for tumor growth before the clinical presentation, but its anatomic complexities complicate surgical resection and adversely affect disease-free survival. Here, we propose a new staging system for MDM2-amplified liposarcomas (well-differentiated and dedifferentiated subtypes) that properly emphasizes retroperitoneal localization, degree of differentiation (histologic subtype), and presence of distant metastasis. A retrospective cohort of 4146 adult patients with surgically resected liposarcoma was extracted from the SEER database to compare the natural history of MDM2-amplified liposarcomas arising in the extremities/trunk or retroperitoneum. Separate training and validation datasets were created, and Cox proportional hazard regression, multivariable nonlinear regression, and nomographic analyses determined the most significant parameters in predicting sarcoma-specific death. A new staging system was derived and its predictive accuracy was compared with the AJCC, eighth edition system using areas under receiver operating characteristic curves and multiple concordance indices. Multivariable analysis showed that dedifferentiation (hazard ratio [HR]=3.7±0.5; P