Jennifer Shuman, B.S.

Graduate Student
Microbe-Host Interaction Graduate Program
Cover Lab
AA-2200 MCN
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

I received my B.S. in Genetics and in Microbiology from Clemson University in May 2018, where I worked with Dr. Ingram-Smith on Entamoeba histolytica metabolism. I entered the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at Vanderbilt in the fall of 2018. I am now in Dr. Cover's lab, in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology. Outside of the lab, I enjoy hiking, baking, and reading for fun.

Research Information

The Cover lab studies Helicobacter pylori, which infects about half of humans worldwide and is a Class I Carcinogen according to the World Health Organization. My project focuses on a bacterial virulence factor, the Cag Type IV Secretion System, that is associated with more severe disease outcomes. I hope to better characterize the host response to the Cag Type IV secretion system, and the contribution of this system to carcinogenesis.


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