Elizabeth Brunner Wescott

Graduate Student
Molecular Pathology & Immunology Graduate Program

Elizabeth (Brunner) Wescott is a graduate student, originally from many states as a Navy brat growing up, but she calls North Carolina her hometown. She completed her undergrad at Davidson College, where she did an honors thesis on mitochondrial membrane shaping in Drosophila, as well as a summer internship at Ohio State University investigating non-autonomous gene expression variance in the Ras pathway. She then took a job at Duke University as a research assistant. There, she transitioned to the field of immunology, studying HIV infection of kidney and HIV vaccine development. She started at Vanderbilt in August 2018 and joined the Balko Lab in April 2019. Outside the lab, she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and hammocking with her husband, climbing, running, baking, playing music, and traveling.

Research Information

I am interested in immune cell infiltration in the tumor microenvironment and I'm studying the role of B7-H4 on tumor immune cell activation states to improve immunotherapy outcomes in breast cancer. I also study the mechanism and regulation of B7-H4 expression in breast cancer.


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