Chelsea Campbell

Graduate Student
Molecular Pathology & Immunology Graduate Program

A Tennessee native, Chelsea attended Middle Tennessee State University and graduated with a B.S. in Biology in 2017 and an M.S. in Biology in 2020. She joined Vanderbilt's IGP in 2021 and committed to Elizabeth Phillip's lab in 2022.

Research Information

The Phillips lab studies the genetic, molecular, and cellular signals involved in T cell/HLA mediated Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions (SCAR) such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (SJS/TEN). Allopurinol, a commonly prescribed medication to treat gout, has been identified as one of the most common causes of SJS/TEN globally. My research project aims to define the immunogenomics and immunopathogenesis of allopurinol associated SJS/TEN