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Steps for Training and Credentaling

  1. Laser safety training shall be incorporated into employee orientation training. Sign-in sheets for laser in services will be acceptable documentation of such training that includes laser safety.
  1. Credentialing of such assistants is through approval of the Laser Safety Officer (LSO). Laser assistants may be RNs, LPNs, PAs, Surgical Technicians (ORTA/CST), other individuals deemed qualified by the LSO.
  1. The LSO shall maintain a current list of credentialed Laser Assistants with Patient Care Managers for the purpose of coordinating schedules for laser cases.  
  1. Laser safety training may be obtained from the manufacturer or another credentialed laser assistant or the LSO, formalized courses, or individualized study.
  1. Another credentialed assistant, or the Laser Safety Officer, shall be present for the first two assisted laser procedures.
  1. Once an initial approval for one laser type is granted, approval for the additional types of lasers may be obtained by incremental instruction in the operation of the additional laser system/s as determined by the LSO.
  1. Content of the laser safety training should emphasize understanding of operational characteristics of the equipment, biologic and physical properties of the laser tissue interaction, potential hazards associated with laser use, procedures and equipment required to ensure a safe laser environment.
  1. Skills validation for Laser Assistants are performed annually by the department Laser Safety Liaison and/or the LSO.


For information about laser credentialing contact:

Margaret Haecherl
Accreditation Regulatory Specialist
Medical Laser Safety Officer
WK: (615) 875-3011
Cell: (916) 204-5123