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Flexible Lasers and Delivery Systems

Personnel handling laser fibers/flexible laser delivery system will assure and observe safety compliance in all procedures and will treat the fiber as an extension of the laser system, governed by applicable standards, policies, and regulations.

  • Fibers and associated equipment will be positioned to allow for safe traffic patternsin the treatment room.
  • Laser fibers should be examined for breaks or damage on the distal tip, the proximal connector, and the catheter sheath.
  •  Laser fibers should be calibrated in accordance with manufacturer’s directions.
  •  Fibers that are damaged and found to be deficient should be replaced with another fiber.
  •  Clamps or other instruments should not be used to secure laser fibers in the operative site.
  •  Lasers should never be operated unless the aiming beam is visible and the tip of the fiber is beyond the end of the endoscope.
  • Laser fiber should be monitored for beam distortion, decreased power transmission, and accumulation of debris on the distal tip.
  • Disposable laser fibers should not be reused.
  • Lasers should be on standby mode when not aimed at a target.