OHE Hosts First Health Equity Innovation Awardee Workshop

The Office of Health Equity ended the 2021 year by convening the first ever Health Equity Innovation Awardee Workshop! The VUMC Strategy and Innovation team, led by Director Steven Weissenburger, helped coordinate this workshop for current awardees, alumni-awardees, and members of the Office of Health Equity team to launch the second round of awards. This was a great opportunity for current and previous Health Equity Innovation awardees to connect, learn more about existing projects, and discuss ways to co-learn, collaborate, and potentially mentor future awardees with one another. Find the 2021 and 2020 Health Equity Innovation Awardees HERE


Special thanks to the workshop sponsor team - listed below - for planning the session, identifying challenges and recommendations from the workshop attendees, and helping launch the 2021 projects in an exciting way! The Office of Health Equity plans to continually improve how the innovation awards support ideas and solutions to advance health equity.


Health Equity Innovation Awardee Launch Workshop Sponsor Team:

- Steven Weissenburger, MEd (Director of Strategy and Innovation Services)

- Elisa Friedman, MS (Associate Vice President for Community Health and Health Equity, VUMC)

- Brian Issac Marshall, EdD (Senior Program Manager, Office of Health Equity, VUMC)

- Lucy Spalluto, MD, MPH (Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences/ Awardee)

- Sara Loch, MPH (Program Manager, Center for Child Health Policy/Awardee)

- John Compton, M. Div. (Program Manager, Vanderbilt Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society/ Awardee)