Frequently Asked Questions

  • One of OHE's goals is to enhance the coordination and collaboration of new and existing health equity efforts across the VUMC enterprise. Other equity-focused offices at VUMC promote diversity and equity for VUMC staff, faculty, students, patients and families. OHE, however, will focus on improving the well-being of broader populations across VUMC, Nashville and beyond.

    OHE will collaborate with offices such as, the VUMC Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Inclusion and Health Equity, among others. By working together, we can create more opportunities for everyone to be healthy. 

  • The Seeds of Equity Training is provided for organizations that would like to learn more about health equity. The training is offered by the Health Equity Workgroup of the Mayor's Healthy Nashville Leadership Council. If you would like to request a training, please click here to fill out the survey.

    Besides the Seeds of Equity Training, we can also present about the work of the OHE to other departments within VUMC.

  • If you have a program focused on community health or health equity, you can share it through our Health Equity Inventory. The Health Equity Inventory is one way that we coordinate health equity activities happening across VUMC. If you would like us to highlight your program, please click here to fill out our survey.