Health Equity


Health Equity is both the elimination of systemic obstacles and the creation of opportunities for all to be healthy. Read Dr. Consuelo Wilkins's article on what health equity is - and isn't


Each community has different assets and challenges to help them live the healthiest life possible. That's why each community needs different kinds of support to reach their highest, best quality of life. If we provide every community with the same exact resources, we will not be adequately addressing differences. Each community should have what they need to achieve the same level of health as other communities in Nashville and beyond.

Equality aims to provide everyone the same resources to enjoy full, healthy lives while equity aims to understand and guarantee all people have equal access to opportunities to enjoy full, healthy lives.


Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Visualizing Health Equity: One Size Does Not Fit All Infographic (2017)


What Influences Health?

socioeconomic factors

Factors that Support Health

supporting health


Content on this page has been adapted from the Health Equity Workgroup of the Mayor's Healthy Nashville Leadership Council.