Work/Life Connections-EAP: We're Here for You

When the stresses of everyday life take its toll, you may find yourself searching for mental health support. In today's world, apps and virtual counseling offer the promise of convenience. But sometimes receiving in-person support from a licensed counselor is the best solution. Work/Life Connections-EAP (WLC) provides both in-person and virtual counseling services to all VUMC faculty and staff across the region.

"While many of our faculty and staff members appreciate the convenience of our ConnectCARE telehealth option, over 50% prefer to come into our office to be seen.  There is something special about the experience of being in the same room together that can't be found online," shares Janet McCutchen, LPC, CEAP, assistant manager.

In addition to in-person counseling services, Work/Life Connections-EAP supports work units throughout the region with on-site visits. WLC and Health Plus have partnered through the new Well-Being Wagon program to bring health and wellness resources directly to teams. 

When there are challenging cases or unexpected events that impact the well-being of VUMC faculty and staff, Work/Life Connections-EAP supports teams through Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services. CISM support is offered both in-person and virtually across the region.

"An EAP is a workplace program that is a unique part of mental health care. It's designed to assist you in resolving workplace issues that may affect your ability to do your job, as well as address personal concerns such as health, marriage, family, financial, alcohol or drugs, and emotional stress," notes McCutchen.

While EAP services provide short term support, WLC goes one step further and helps identify longer term community resources that match a client's needs, such as continued counseling.

For a confidential appointment or to find out more, call 615-936-1327.