NLM Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biomedical Informatics (MS Degree or Non-Degree)

Our National Library of Medicine (NLM)-supported postdoctoral fellowship positions provide 1-3 years of full-time support from the NLM to conduct research mentored by DBMI's stellar faculty and tailored to individual interests. Our goal is to prepare trainees for research-intensive careers in academe, industry and government. 

Trainees have ample opportunities for scientific and scholarly work to pursue their interests. They engage in departmental activities, present their research at national meetings and publish in peer-reviewed journals. The department also provides mentoring and support to help postdoctoral trainees to apply for career development and research grants. 

Stipends are commensurate with education and experience. Postdocs receive health insurance, travel allowance and other benefits. U.S. citizenship or Permanent Residence status is required. 

Both degree-seeking and non-degree fellowships are available. 

Non-degree Postdoctoral Fellowship: This fellowship opportunity is designed for individuals with a doctoral degree (PhD, DSc) in biomedical informatics, health informatics, bioinformatics or the other computational or sociotechnical disciplines at the foundation of biomedical informatics. All applicants are expected to have strong quantitative and analytical skills and research experience. If accepted, these trainees may take a limited number of didactic classes relevant to their area of interest. 

For more information about the non-degree fellowship option, contact Jessica Ancker, PhD, MPH, FACMI, Vice Chair for Education ( or Rischelle Jenkins, Program Manager ( Applicants should send CV, statement of purpose that includes your research interest, faculty in Biomedical Informatics you are interested in working with, and an unofficial transcript to Ms. Jenkins. Three letters of recommendation should be sent directly to Ms. Jenkins by the recommenders. 

Postdoctoral MS Degree-seeking Fellowship: This opportunity is designed for applicants with a clinical degree (e.g., MD, DO, RN, PharmD, DDS) or a doctoral degree (PhD, DSc) in a field other than biomedical informatics who wish to direct their research career toward biomedical informatics. Previous degree-seeking fellows have come from diverse fields, including human factors, psychology, biostatistics, computing, engineering, biology and mathematics. All believe that an MS degree would strengthen their biomedical informatics research careers. 

Postdoctoral applicants for the degree-seeking track must apply to the MS program:…

For more information, contact Jessica Ancker, PhD, MPH, FACMI, Vice Chair for Education ( or Rischelle Jenkins, Program Manager (