Robert Turer, MD, MSE

MS Student
Applied Clinical Informatics

Robert recently completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan, and is pursuing the MSACI as part of the VUMC Fellowship in Clinical Informatics.


He studied computer engineering at the University of Michigan, followed by graduate training in biomedical engineering and imaging at the University of Michigan. Robert then transitioned to a career in medicine, realizing he could make a larger impact on patient care by combining his interests in patient care and technology. After completing medical school at Vanderbilt, he returned to Michigan for residency training and introduction to clinical informatics.


Robert is interested in clinical decision support, especially pertaining to EM triage processes as well as improving the user experience as a means to improve patient safety and provider satisfaction. 


When not at work, Robert enjoys playing guitar and cooking with his wife Laura. He is really excited to meet and work with all!