Peter (Beau) Mack, MD

MS Student, Applied Clinical Informatics

Fall 2021-Spring 2023

I am a family physician and provider informaticist at Novant Health South Park Family Physicians, a family medicine practice in Charlotte, NC. I studied computer science and cognitive psychology as an undergrad at Duke University and did research in MRI image analysis there. I then studied medicine at Loyola University Chicago before moving to Charlotte for my residency in family medicine. I have been at my practice for 11 years and treat a diverse population of all ages in an outpatient setting. For the last four years, I have served as a provider informaticist with Novant Health, building workflows for primary care providers in our health system's Epic implementation. My projects have focused on bringing clinical guidelines to the point of care to enable physicians to provide higher quality care while decreasing the computer burden of the visit. My past projects have included an adult wellness visit workflow, elevated liver enzyme workup, and evidence-based antibiotic selection for respiratory conditions.

I look forward to growing as a physician informaticist as part of the MSACI program. My overall goal is to learn how to build more useful tools for physicians to improve patient care with less time spent documenting and wrangling their EHR. I hope to learn the principles of managing more extensive projects that may a greater impact than those I could create by myself. I also hope to learn about usability and design to help improve physician's experience with the EMR. I am also interested in exploring analytics and machine learning to deliver not just general guidelines to physicians but clinical suggestions that are most likely to have a positive impact on the specific patient they are treating at that moment.

I live in Charlotte, NC, with my wife and three energetic boys, ages 7, 5, and 3.