Anirban Bhattacharyya, MD, MPH

MS Student, Applied Clinical Informatics

Fall 2021-Spring 2023

I am a critical care physician currently working at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. I also have an MPH with a Biostatistics focus. I want to look at the data we generate from patients admitted to the ICU and use advanced analytical techniques like machine learning or deep learning to develop solutions that either improve our ICU workflow or help us understand complex diseases better.

Informatics is important to me because it allows me to understand and fully harness the underlying infrastructure as I collaborate with clinicians, data scientists, and implementation experts in these efforts. I am particularly interested in understanding how we can seamlessly extract data, run our algorithm, and implement it as a tool to improve what we already do. As ICUs and hospitals augment their digital infrastructure, this experience along with my clinical experience will be key for me as a stakeholder to advocate and prioritize what is important in this transformation.

In my free time I like to travel or read about technology.