Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Summer Program (VBISP) Final Presentations—AUGUST 1-3, 2022

The 2022 Vanderbilt Biomedical Informatics Summer Program (VBISP) will be coming to an end on Friday, August 5, 2022. Our summer students have worked diligently throughout the summer in preparation for their final presentations on August 1, August 2, and August 3 from 1-3 pm each day. Be sure to tune in!




Student's Name Presentation Title
Mihir Kulkarni (1:00-1:20 pm) Analyzing and Interpreting Growth Failure in Height Growth Charts
Adonaye Woldegebriel (1:20-1:40 pm) How Engagement Correlates to InBasket User's Workload
Katherine Phillips (1:40-2:00 pm) ConceptWAS: A High-throughput Method for Identifying Problematic Opioid Use from Clinical Notes
Nora Scheer (2:00-2:20 pm) Cancer Patient Safety Learning Lab (CaPSLL) Preventing Clinical Deterioration in Outpatients
Nicholas Jackson (2:20-2:40 pm) Synthetic Data Generation to Address Underdiagnosis Disparities in Deep Learning with X-ray Imaging


Student's Name Presentation Title
Rachael Miller (1:00-1:20 pm) Use of Health Data for Analytics Related to Sexual Assault: A Scoping Review
Kassandra Jutis (1:20-1:40 pm) Sexual Assault Health Information Technology: A Scoping Review
Moria Hulbert (1:40-2:00 pm) Barriers in Telehealth among Limited English Proficiency Patients and Interpreter Use
Charlie Seigler (2:00-2:20 pm) Patient Education Mobile Application
Rachel Curci (2:20-2:40 pm) Clinical Understanding and Interaction with Alert Override Comments
Caleb Donaldson (2:40-3:00 pm) Using Override Comment Data to Improve Documentation Completion and BestPractice Advisory Accuracy


Student's Name Presentation Title
Tooba Harris (1:00-1:20 pm) Identifying Clusters in Imaging and EHR data in Children Diagnosed with ASD
Jacqueline Alvarado (1:20-1:40 pm) My Diabetes Care
Marilyn Lionts (1:40-2:00 pm) Private Federated Analytics for Healthcare
Jasmine Le (2:00-2:20 pm) Discovery of Susceptibility Proteins through Mul-omics Data Analysis in Human Cancers
Nicholas Skoufis (2:20-2:40 pm) Impact of Community-Level Social Determinants of Health on Weight Loss Outcomes after Bariatric Surgery