Matthew S. Shotwell, PhD

Associate Professor
(615) 875-3397

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FOCUS: Statistical computing and inference

Dr. Matthew Shotwell is Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is active in the American Statistical Association, currently serving as the Program Chair Elect for the Section on Statistical Graphics, as well as a Chapter Representative for the Middle Tennessee Chapter. Dr. Shotwell is also a member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Education & Training

BS – East Tennessee State University
MS – East Tennessee State University
PhD – Medical University of South Carolina

Research Information

Recent Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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Proceedings and Abstracts
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Presentations and Posters
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  1. Shotwell MS (2011) A TTY Connection for R. This software is a patch against R version 2.11.1
  2. Shotwell MS (2012) sas7bdat: A SAS Database Reader for R.
  3. Shotwell MS (2012) profdpm: An Extensible R Package for Data Analysis with Product Partition Models.