Jason Slagle, PhD

Research Associate Professor
(615) 936-5519
(615) 936-7373

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FOCUS: Task, workload and event analysis

Dr. Slagle has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. He has conducted and published studies on performance differences related to anesthesiology resident experience and expertise, fatigue, and teaching during routine and non-routine situations. He plans to apply human factors techniques (e.g., job and task analysis and workload assessment) and observational methodologies in order to conduct further research here in the OR, ICU, simulated environments, and in other clinical settings in order to study the effects of a wide variety of factors (e.g., equipment and technology, experience and expertise, novel situations, provider characteristics, workload, team effectiveness and communication, motivational factors, production pressure, fatigue, etc.) on the performance of anesthesia care providers, nurses, and other clinicians as well as unexpected clinical events, medical errors, and medication events.

Education & Training

BS – Texas Tech University, Lubbock
MS – California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
PhD – Alliant International University, San Diego

Research Information

Recent Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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Recent Conference Proceedings
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