Special Talks

July 2014

  • Ya-Mei Chang, Ph.D. - Spatial-temporal model for count data. [View Material]
  • Lu Xie, M.D., Ph.D. - Integrated analysis of genomics and transcriptomics data in liver cancer.

April 2013

CQS Journal Club 2013

  • Ben Saville, Ph.D. - Introduction to Bayesian methods and implementation via OpenBUGS/JAGS [View Material]
  • Irene Feurer, Ph.D. - Parallel analysis for assessing the dimensionality of ordinal survey item data
  • Svetlana Eden, MS - Exploring imputation methods using R

February 2013

  • Dr. David J. Klinke, II - A Quantitative Systems Perspective on Cancer, Immunoevasion, and Somatic Evolution [View Material]

January 2013

  • Dr. Ying Xu - Roles played by (the lack and excess of) oxygen in cancer initiation, progression and metastasis: a data-mining approach

CQS Journal Club 2012

  • Tebeb Gebretsadik, MPH - How to use synthetic derivative databases

July 2012

  • Dr. Andrea Califano - Interrogating Regulatory Networks to Discover Master Regulators of Tumor Initiation, Progression, and Drug Sensitivity

May 2012

  • Dr. Forest White - Connecting Genetics to Phenotype Through Quantitative Analysis of Signaling Networks. [View Material]

April 2012

  • Dr. Yuzhen Ye - Diverse CRISPRs Evolve in Human Microbiomes [View Material]
  • Dr. Haixu Tang - k-mer (De Bruijn) Graph: Applications Beyond Alignment and Assembly [View Material]
  • Dr. Lei Liu - Data Challenges in Biomedical Informatics in China [View Material]
  • Dr. Lu Xie - Differential Combinatorial Regulatory Network Analysis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma [View Material]
  • Dr. Bing Zhang and Dr. Xue Zhong - Leveraging TCGA Data for Cancer Research [View Material]

January 2012

  • Dr. KyungMann Kim - A Bayesian Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Design with Biomarkers for Targeted Therapies in Cancer [View Material]

November 2011

  • Dr. Carlos Lopez - Development of a Process-Based Modeling Approach to Study Competing Biochemical Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Permeabilization and Their Role in Apoptosis Cancer Biology. [View Material]
  • Dr. Kevin Coombes - Binary Signals in Oncology [View Material]

October 2011

  • Dr. Ying Xu - A Systems Biology Approach to Cancer Marker Identification in Blood and Urine [View Material]

October 2011

  • Dr. Deepak Agrawal - Biology with Numbers: Modeling Mechanisms With Noisy Data [View Material]

August 2011

  • Dr. Chang-Tai Chao from National Cheng Kung University - Sampling from Rare/Hidden Populations: From Adaptive Cluster Sampling to Adaptive Web Sampling [View Material]

July 2011

  • Dr. Yi-Hsuan Tu - A Modification of Simon's Two-Stage Design Incorporating the Truncation Information from Traditional 3 + 3 Design [View Material]

May 2011

  • The Vanderbilt Electronic Communications Policy Review

April 2011

  • Dr. Shuen-Lin Jeng from National Cheng Kung University - Teaching Basic Statistics with R: An Introduction to Interactive Packages [View Material]
  • Dr. Shuen-Lin Jeng from National Cheng Kung University - Classifcation of Images Using Adaptive Tangent Distance [View Material]
  • Dr. Tzong-Ru Tsai from Tamkang University - Meeting Challenges in Industrial Data Collection and Processing [View Material]
  • Dr. Tzong-Ru Tsai from Tamkang University - Explanation of Mosaic plot [View Material]