2010 Workshop

  • January 15: Ayumi Shintani, MPH, PhD - Sample size estimation and power analysis [View Material]
  • February 19: Dan Ayers, MS - Advanced Power: After Power What Then? [View Material]
  • March 19: Aixiang Jiang, MS; Pengcheng Lu, MS - Multiple testing corrections and FDR adjustments for microarray data analysis [View Material]
  • April 16: Fei Ye, PhD; Alex Zhao, MS - Overfitting [View Material]
  • May 21: William Wu, PhD - Confounding, interaction, and mediation in multivariate modeling [View Material]
  • June 18: Elizabeth Koehler, MS - Randomization [View Material]
  • September 17: Irene Feurer, PhD - Fundamentals of latent variable/factor analysis: applications in survey research and data reduction
  • November 19: Mary Dietrich, PhD - Applications of data reduction methods for controlling type I error and informing future research directions