Series One : What You Probably Don't Know About Biostatistics

  • January 18: Yu Shyr, PhD - The Science of Doing Science - Biostatistics [View Material]
  • February 15: Dan Ayers, MS - Skittles, An Ounce of Measurement, and Intentional Science [View Material]
  • March 21: Ayumi Shintani, MPH, PhD - Introduction to Power and Sample Size Estimation [View Material]


Series Two : Effective Experimental and Clinical Trial Design (April - June)

  • April 18: Tatsuki Koyama, PhD - Phase II Clinical Trials [View Material]
  • May 16: Leena Choi, PhD - Adaptive Designs in Dose-Finding (Phase I) Studies: A Bayesian Approach [View Material]
  • June 20: Fei Ye, PhD - Phase III Clinical Trials [View Material]


Series Three: Processing of High-Dimensional Data (August - October)

  • August 15: Chun Li, PhD - Genome-wide Association Analysis for the Shanghai Breast Cancer Study [View Material]
  • October 17: Irene Feurer, PhD - An Introduction to Principal Component Analysis and Data Reduction Methodologies [View Material]
  • November 21: Ming Li, PhD - Statistical Analysis Strategies for MALDI-TOF and Shotgun Proteomics Data [View Material]