Incontinence Management


In this training module, we present instructions and protocols for accomplishing each of the four steps required to implement an effective prompted voiding program. The module starts with a list of learning objectives, followed by an overview of prompted voiding.

Next, we present the four implementation steps:

Step 1: Conduct a basic resident evaluation
Step 2: Assess resident responsiveness to prompted voiding
Step 3: Implement time-saving strategies to maintain prompted voiding programs
Step 4: Conduct periodic control checks to help ensure incontinence care quality

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Elsewhere in this module--LinksFAQsRelated Studies--we provide guidance and referrals to other resources that can help you improve incontinence care in your facility.  And via our discussion board you can chat with other long-term care providers about the topic.


At the end of this training module, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of residents who are incontinent of urine.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the benefits of prompted voiding for incontinent nursing home residents.
  • Compare and contrast prompted voiding to other treatment and management options for incontinent nursing home residents.
  • Describe and implement the prompted voiding procedure with incontinent residents.
  • Assess a resident’s responsiveness to prompted voiding.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the management options for incontinent residents who are not responsive to prompted voiding.
  • List at least three modifications that can make a prompted voiding program potentially more feasible to implement.
  • Create a control chart for use in monitoring a prompted voiding program.
  • Implement the procedure for conducting control checks as a means of evaluating a prompted voiding program.

All procedures presented in this module are in accordance with the federal regulations that govern nursing home care and best practice guidelines for incontinence care.


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