MEDI--an Ensemble MEDication Indication Resource

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MEDI (MEDication Indication) is an ensemble medication indication resource for primary and secondary uses of electronic medical record (EMR) data.  MEDI was created based on multiple commonly used medication resources (RxNorm, MedlinePlus, SIDER 2, and Wikipedia ) and by leveraging both ontology and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. 

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KnowledgeMap (KM) Web Application

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KnowledgeMap was developed to enhance the delivery of medical education content to students and faculty. The volume of documentation produced during medical school makes it difficult to find information and to understand where similar topics are taught.​

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KM Learning Portfolio (LP)

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Portfolio collects trainee-created documents reflecting their direct patient experiences via the Electronic Medical Records (EMR), providing a rich log of a trainee's clinical exposure without requiring additional manual effort. The interface between the EMR system and Portfolio provides historical data from which trainees can continue to build their knowledge base, tagged to core learning objectives, and supplies the mentor the opportunity to review and evaluate trainee performance.

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POGOe - Portal Of Geriatric Online Education 

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The Portal of Geriatric Online Education,, is a free public repository of a growing collection of geriatric educational materials in various e-learning formats, including lectures, exercises, virtual patients, case-based discussions, simulations, as well as links to other resources.

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Our team develops POGOe in collaboration with a group at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York. Vanderbilt has incorporated the KM search engine and concept indexer into the website so all documents are indexed and you can search on UMLS concepts.

To find out more visit  POGOe


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